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Amazon Expertise to Rely On

Rachel Johnson Greer is a former Amazonian and founder of Cascadia Seller Solutions, acquired by Avenue7Media in 2022. She currently consults on product safety issues and business growth consulting for brands on Amazon. 


Rachel’s experience as a business owner, consultant, public speaker, consultant, author, and Amazon seller make her uniquely well suited to support your business. 


Is working with Rachel a good fit for your business?

Launch Guidance

Not sure how to launch your new product or brand on Amazon? Get coaching on what to do and when to launch with confidence.

Amazon Coaching

Getting stuck on any Amazon issues? Get open-ended sessions or a guided 3 month course.


Need a speaker for your event? I speak on product safety and scaling your service business for an exit.

Amazon Social

Not sure how to make Amazon Live, Amazon Posts, or Amazon Customer Engagement work for you? Get a custom growth plan.

Client Testimonials

I've known Rachel for more than 7 years, and worked with her both at Amazon and on the PROSPER Show. Rachel knows more than anyone about the complicated world of product compliance on Amazon. Concise, thorough, and generously kind with her time, Rachel is a colleague and peer whom I am so fortunate to know.
James Thomson
Rachel and her team are amazing partners. They listen to the current state of the business and customize an action plan based on your dynamics. Moreover, when problems arise, and they always do in the ecommerce space, they are mobile and agile enough to help you overcome.
Rodney Fetaya
Rachel knows Amazon Seller Central inside out! She's very knowledgeable and familiar with all the amazon compliance as well. Rachel helps small businesses to grow their amazon account with a customized, detailed, short-term, and long-term action plan. she will work very closely with a client to achieve the sales goal. Highly recommended.
Ken Tsai

Your trusted partner for Amazon Growth

1:1 guidance and advice, from a true Amazon expert. 

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